MoreArt festival
City of Moreland
24 – 25 Nov, 2018

“It’s a walk, a performance and a sensory adventure exploring the rich sensations of Moreland!”

EPA invited people to treat an everyday pathway between Jewell Station and Fawkner Stations, City of Moreland, as a sensory delight: to follow the lead of their senses: to look, hear, smell, touch – even taste.

Sensory Line focussed on the places in between that we might usually ignore, treating them as complex, valuable ecosystems. Through live performance and guided participatory activities, the journey released beauty, surprise and vivid experiences from hitherto unremarked places through the changing atmospheres of day, evening and night.

Activities included: pausing, each time a train passed, to really listen – to distant warning signals of an approaching train, its crescendo and decrescendo, the rush of air, the otherwise unnoticed sound of passing bicycle tyres, or of birds, or our own breath, or an aircraft, dog toenails on the path, a passing truck…; choosing a favourite object, in a strange local warehouse of collectibles, to discuss with another participant when we resumed walking; performing with books from a railway-side miniature library; local volunteers showing us how they were revegetating derelict railway land; a mock sale of ‘off the plan’ apartments in an old railway station waiting room and disintegrating toilet block; telling tales, as we walked, of indigenous, geological and industrial history of the area; eating falafel in a Middle-Eastern cafeteria…

Photos Gabrielle New

Photos Laki Sideris