City of Geelong
4 – 5 May, 2018

Mountain to Mouth is a biennial, multi-award winning 80km ‘extreme arts journey of discovery’. Over two days, participants follow an imaginary line from the You Yangs mountain range to Geelong’s industrial heartland at nightfall. The event collides, at the City Centre with Geelong After Dark, a night of extreme and unexpected arts, before journey the next morning to Ocean Grove for a finale ceremony. Audiences can join or leave at any point.

Environmental Performance Authority covered the entire 80 km walk. We travelled and interacted with public participants and created ‘pop-up’ site-specific mobile performance that enhanced, intensified and responded to participants’ experiences of the places we traversed. Our group of 8 artists, some of Australia’s leading site-responsive performers, offered participating walkers sensory activities in relation to the surroundings and activated 12 specific sites along the path with embodied performance that drew out ecological, cultural, historical and social layers of the environment.

Photos Laki Sideris