Grasslands Day at Royal Park

An experiential graze around a semi-restored grassland in Royal Park.
Beginning with a BBQ in the Nature Playground on Flemington Rd in Royal Park, then into the wild depths of the park.

Bookings Recomended

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For the time being

In a time when everything is experienced at an ever increasing, rapid speed of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the aim of this project first is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n the pace of life, and experience the joy of simply being.

No Bookings Required

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Taking the turtle for a walk

In 19th Century Paris you were the height of bourgeois cool if seen promenading with your pet turtle on a leash.

Life then was already being experienced as too fast paced – the turtle slowed its owner to a glacial speed.

It’s 2016 in Melbourne – you are invited to join me on a slow, silent drift through Melbourne allowing her history, sounds and scents to seep in.

Bookings Essential

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Nature Dancing

Make your own dance with a tree, the wind, a grass stalk – supported by M47 dancers and the environment itself. This workshop involves individual and shared experimentation in the bush and grasslands of Royal Park. Make your own short dance that will become part of a group video, with specially composed music, shown (subject to your approval) at the M47 HUB. For non-dancers.
Bookings essential.

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