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Food and Wine, and Feisty Festivals..

IMG_0873So, the Melbourne Food and Wine Fest is up and running this coming weekend. The performance arm of TheWaterGroup will be staging guerrilla actions on Queensbridge Square throughout the weekend. ¬†Why bodies, water, Food and Wine?–Think: bread and water, loaves and fishes…bodies of water; nourishment; water and whine… .

Why do we leave the body and its feisty sensitivities to a handful of dancers? Surely, the body lives, breathes, eats, processes the whole gamut of our meaning-making in the world. Feasts and festivities, ironies and rebellions… In this land of plenty, UWPG will launch a sustained sensory engagement with Melburnites out for a feast (and a bit of gentle provocation) on the shores of the Yarra this weekend.