February 25, 2014 Zsuzsanna

tidal waves and inter-actions

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Each performance site has its history.

We can look at maps, clippings, proceedings, and measure the highs and lows of our waterways, but what correlation does this information have to our ways-of-being and -living-in the world?

How do we make decisions about these vast elements in our environment, such as rivers, marshes, deltas and dams?

What difference does it make (or could it make) to think of each element in this dialogue as being of equal value?

Indigenous elders across varying traditions have long argued that ‘everything has breath, life, intelligence, value’ (cf River Junction Curly, The Blessingway).


So, as we carouse along the shores of the Yarra this weekend, what is the nature of our (inter)actions?


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